What You Should Know About The Zadroga Fund

In the latest news in regard to the Zadroga Fund which is responsible for paying out money to people that were injured were developed diseases during the September 11 attacks, the good news is that the payouts are coming faster than ever before. Several billion dollars was set aside for the compensation fund that was used to help families and individuals that had suffered during this attack. Likewise, people that were first responders, and individuals that helped clean up as a result of the damage they also be eligible for this money.

What Is The Victim Compensation Fund

This is a special fund that was set up shortly after the attack on the twin towers back in 2001, money that is used to help people rehabilitate after the attack is of injuries, conditions that they developed which were medically threatening, and also compensating the families of those that were lost during the attack. After a certain point in time, the funding had stopped receiving applications, and the Zadroga Act reopened everything.

How Do You Know If You’re Eligible?

If you are eligible, after submitting your application, you will receive feedback from these individuals that are in charge of the money. If you are able to get money, your confirmation letter will be sent, and over a period of the next few years, you will get compensation. It is not clear why it takes so long to get the money after you have applied and have been accepted. It is set to pay out over a several year basis, and now that it is reopened, people that did not file before can do so now.

How Does the New VCF Work?

The funding will now accept claims for an additional half of the decade. Congress has allocated about $3 billion for this purpose. A third of that will be used initially to pay for claims that have been approved. The remainder will be paid out later. As long as you had some type of problem develop as a result of being a first responder, or if you are part of the cleanup crew that got everything back to normal, it should be very easy to apply and get the funding that you need in order to pay the doctors for the medical treatments that are required to regain your health.

How Long Do You Have To Submit A Claim

Those that would like to file a claim can take up to two years from the date of the published new regulations. You will need to have medical proof that you are physically injured or have developed some type of disease, and once this information has been sent in to the claims department, it will be processed evaluated and you will be told whether or not you will receive some type of compensation.

If you have any legal questions in regard to this funding, such as why you were rejected, or you are not sure what type of information that you need to provide, you can talk to your lawyer about the VFC and the Zadroga Fund to find out what you need to do in order to be approved for a claim that you know that you deserve.